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Welcome to bonne_chose, fairly' icon and graphic repository. Here you will find icons and graphics generally relating to the subjects of avant-garde fashion, literature, language, vintage artwork and art from the fifteenth, sixteenth and nineteenth centuries, although other subjects may also appear. This community generally does not post 'fandom' icons. There are plenty of other communities for that.

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+ Credit either the community or its maintainer when using one of my icons, layouts or graohics and other individuals if additional credit is required. Crediting is also a good way to help others know where you got your icons from! :)

+ Leave a comment if you are going to use one of my graphics.

+ Textless icons are not bases unless I clearly indicate that they are.

+ Do not claim icons as your own.

+ Icons may be redistributed on other journaling sites (eg GreatestJournal, JournalFen, DeadJournal) provided you link back here.

+ No 'drama' will be tolerated in this community.

Credits: The community layout is by bonne_chose, with the help of grrliz's tutorials at the_lj_reboot and other tutorials at s2flexisquares. The mini-icons are from http://www.famfamfam.com. Right then!